Studio design:

The designer of my studio: Wes Lachot Design
Features of my studio: Focus Mastering at Wes Lachot Design

Some articles featuring myself:

Focus Mastering at Lazy-I
Doug Van Sloun at Lazy-I
Doug Van Sloun at The Reader Doug Van Sloun at Ground Zero/Lincoln Journal Star
Focus Mastering at Yelp

Some of the studios I have worked with:

ARC Studios, Omaha, NE
Asterisk Sound, Waco, TX
Studio B, Ltd., Omaha, NE
Fuse Recording, Lincoln, NE
Geoff Rockwell / Wax Production, Fort Worth, TX
Warehouse Productions, Omaha, NE
Jim Homan - Screen Door Studio, Omaha, NE
Infinite Productions, Omaha, NE
The Hive Creative Labs, Vancouver, Canada
WestEnd Productions, Nashville, TN
Studio PH, Lincoln, NE
Sonic Factory Studios, Des Moines, IA
Coyote Face Recording, Lincoln, NE
Studio Unknown, Baltimore, MD
The Echo Mill, Chicago, IL
Jonathan Wyman - This Sounds Good, Portland, ME
Dan Deurloo - Reverb and Echo, Minneapolis, MN
Jon Nolan - Milltown Recording, Newmarket, NH
Music Factory Productions - Scott Gaeta, Omaha, NE
Dylan Seals - Kill The Lights, Nashville, TN
North Avenue Studios, Deland, FL
Make Believe Studios, Omaha, NE
Room Sound, Tempe, AZ
Doyle Tipler - Doyle Music, Omaha, NE
Micah Breedlove, Fort Worth, TX
Jason Evans Audio, North Platte, NE
Midday Studios, Des Moines, IA
David P. Murphy, Omaha, NE
Supernatural Sound, Portland, OR
Andy Gomoll, Dallas, TX
Archetype Recordings, Omaha, NE
Scott Liebers, Minneapolis, MN
Ordinary Sounds Studio, Des Moines, IA
The Berceuse Room, Lincoln, NE

Some record labels I have worked with:

Saddle Creek Records
Team Love Records
ATO Records
Silver Street
New West Records
Secretly Canadian
SideCho Records
Greyday Productions
Flameshovel Records
DevilDuck Records
Eye Four Records
Aqui Estamos Records
Grand Hotel van Cleef Musik

Some required watching/reading/listening:

Mastering Engineer Greg Calbi discusses the "Loudness Wars".

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